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Natural Water Feature

Newest Water Features:
A grottoed entry in Weston, FL

This project was constructed and planted four months ago.

Two water features were used, diagonally opposite each other on each side of an entry walkway. The desired effect was to create a cool and inviting tropical grottoed entry.

The water features spill into underground reservoirs. The rushing water noise is superb, giving the welcoming and refreshing effect of splashing water without the higher maintenance of an open pool.

Natural Water Feature


Native limestone chunks and variously sized and colored gravels are the basic hard groundcover.

The planting utilizes two Kentia palm on each side of the walkway for height. The rest is simply flat creeping fig to soften all by covering the rocks, entry columns and the walls. This flat planting is accented with collector bromeliads.

Creeping fig will fairly quickly cover the grotto in a velvety deep green texture- refreshing!

A huge existing Mexican Cardboard Palm (Zamia furfuracea) provided the right opportunity for creating a small chunky fall on the other side of the entry.

It is necessary to have the right backdrop for a waterfall since the mechanics of it are behind the water display. As well, careful planting and craftsmanship of the fall itself contribute to successful integration of a "constructed" natural feature with its surroundings.

Once the creeping fig starts to cover the columns the effect will be very natural, like an artesian well.

Small Natural Waterfall

Conceptual Plan for Grottoed Entry using two water features made of natural limestone, which spill into underground reservoirs.

Grottoed Entry Plan