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Pink Flamingos

Classy Pink Flamingos!

Metal Wall Hanging

Metal Wall Hangings

Contemporary Fountains

Contemporary Fountains

Steel Garden Bench

Garden Art Benches

Standing Wall Fountain

Wall Fountains


Italian Terra Cotta

Italian Terra Cotta

Garden and Landscape Furnishings

Architectural Plaques Mailboxes
Carruth Garden Sculptures Pottery & Planters
Cast Aluminum Streetlamps Statuary
Decorative Hardware Unique Glazed Pottery
Door Decor Wall Decor
Fountains Window Gardening
Garden Furniture Wooden Mats
Garden Ornaments

Wrought Iron

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Botanical, Natural, & Floral Design for Living

Coat, Robe,Towel & Key Racks Gardenstyle Collections
Flameless LED Candles Natural Bath Decor
Fleece Top Floral & Botanical Floormats Natural Office Accessories
Floral & Botanical Coffee Mugs Outdoor Fabric Throw Pillows
Floral & Coordinate Accent Pillows Woven Throws

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Flower Watches Ladies Garden T-Shirts
Garden and Kitchen Aprons Lunch Boxes Gardenstyle
Gardenstyle Babies Messenger Bags and Luggage Tags
Gardenstyle Phone Cases Sterling Silver Flower Lockets & Pendants



Floral and botanical decor and accessories for home, kitchen, bath, office and garden, designed by Leigh Fulghum, manufactured and shipped by Zazzle!


Gardenstyle Home and Garden Catalog is a Division of Mangroves Unlimited- Maritime Plants and More

Garden catalog design AND Gardenstyle by Leigh M. Fulghum

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Tree of Life Table

Steel Top Tree of Life Table

Waterwall Fountain
6' Gardenfall Fountain




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