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Leigh M. Fulghum, Botanist, Horticultural Consulting, Landscape Design, Wetlands Restoration, Shoreline Stabilization, Wild Crop Harvest

Professional Resume

Education Undergraduate and Graduate:

North Carolina State University School of Agriculture and Life Science, FAU; B.A. Biology ( Botany specialty) with honors; Graduate: Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center; completed 30 hours Masterís coursework in Marine Science and Coastal Zone Management; 4.0 GPA


Leigh Fulghum is a native of South Florida and has been been sole proprietor of a professional office for forty years working as a landscape designer, horticultural consultant, and biological environmental consultant. Her clients are homeowners, landscape architects, landscape committees, and homeowner and condominium associations.


  • Residential Landscape Design
  • Shoreline Stabilization Plans with Plants vs. Seawalls
  • Mangrove Restoration Planning
  • Wetlands Delineation
  • Wetlands Restoration Planning
  • Compliance with Environmental Mitigation Enforcements
  • Mitigation Project Monitoring
  • Horticultural Evaluation of and Recommendations for Property Landscaping and Maintenance
  • Plant specimen collection for exhibits
  • Location of sites and Permit Package Preparation for USDA Certified Organic Wild Crops Certification by Certification Agents


Landscape Design Design Awards :

Fort Lauderdale City Beautification Award for La Casa Vecchia restaurant
Boca Raton City Beautification Award for La Vieille Maison restaurant

If you are interested in hiring Leigh Fulghum, please contact by E-mail: