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September 2016

Florida Home and Garden Fashions

Gardenstyle© botanical, floral, natural home and garden fashion is designed by
Leigh M. Fulghum, and manufactured and shipped by Zazzle, satisfaction guaranteed!

Roseate Spoonbill 24" x 36" Door Mat Audobon Roseate Spoonbill 24"x 36" Door Mat
by Gardenstyle
, bringing the Everglades to Your Front Porch or Patio.



White Magnolia Tough iPhone 7 Plus Case
Leigh is ready for the iPhone7 Phone Case Rush with unique botanical tough cases like a
White Magnolia Tough iPhone 7 Plus Case
by Gardenstyle,

featuring Magnolia glauca, or White Bay Magnolia by P.J. Redoute, on a glaucous blue glossy finish tough case for iPhone7.

Mangrove Crab Large Glass Cutting Board
Show your environmental savvy with a Mangrove Crab Large Glass Cutting Board by Gardenstyle,functional as well as educational art for your kitchen!

September 2016 Archives

9/30/2016 Florida Wildlife Beyond the Backyard

Two birds I never see in Florida's Metro digs are Red-Winged Blackbirds and Roseate Spoonbills. The former were scarce in South Florida for a time, but now driving through Collier County, on the new and improved I-75, I have seen many in the fringe vegetation of the drainage canals. To celebrate, I have made Red-Winged Blackbird Home Decor from a lovely Audubon watercolor, complete with handwritten notes, a woven throw and matching throw pillow, for those who do not venture into the glades areas.

(Any Gardenstyle throw pillow design may be migrated to indoor or outdoor fabric. If you need help with a particular design on indoor or outdoor cushion fabric, send me e-mail.)

Alligator Alley, or I-75, was once a notoriously dark and dangerous two lane road lined by canals, the site of many a fatal accident. It is now four spacious lanes with an ample median. Beyond the swale drainage space the glades are fenced. Periodic under the road tunnels for wildlife to safely cross and maintain their range, and new culverts to improve water water flow southward have in a few years greatly enhanced the appearance of the whole ecosystem. Areas of plant life which were once unsightly or with too high a composition of invasive plants have settled into growth closer to the natural balance, and the flora looks healthy.

To see a Roseate Spoonbill, though, one must go to the southernmost tip of Florida. Since the reported proliferation of pythons and boa constrictors which eat everything from your dog to alligators in Everglades National Park, I have been afraid to go. Not so much because I think a big snake will get me, because the Park has many native cotton-mouthed moccasins, if you don't watch it, but because I am afraid to see the toll of years of the environmental impacts which have been heaping up in this beautiful wilderness I have loved since childhood. Assimilating the urban changes is strain enough.

And so, I have applied another Audubon, the Roseate Spoonbill, to a striking fleece-top door mat, or floor mat design, super for patios, or a tropical landscape entry. The Spoonbill mat is dramatic on terra-cotta, marble, or brick pavers- it can take you anywhere, really.



9/29/2016 Careers in Botany

It is not so easy to make a living as a botanist in metropolitan Dade and Broward County, where genetics essentially nailed me here in 1913 and somehow prevents my taking off for woodsier territory. To survive I have also become a marine scientist, a red mangrove grower, a landscape designer, a shoreline stabilization planner, a horticultural consultant to Community Associations, and a floral designer- all at once of course. In emergencies, I can also sing and dance.

I don't exactly blame the lack of employment opportunity on womanhood so much as on a general shortage of Botany, my calling, and the local lack of need for it. Though anyone meeting me at an interview, despite my transcript and resume, based on my appearance would not hire me for Forest Ranger, the career my adult what- vocation- is- best- for- you expensive test said I should have. Forest Ranger designation means you are not suited for confined types of employment. Don't Fence Me In.

All along too I have been a housewife. My china is Botanica. Bringing the outdoors- in through home decor became a focus since designing environments with plants is the area of visual design I know best. No point taking chances in unknown decorating territory.

Lately I have been working at developing botanical home decor, products, and fashion- for now, almost 3,000 floral, botanical, and natural history designs applied to home decor and easy wear clothing are eagerly waiting to be seen in my store Gardenstyle, even more ready to be ordered, then manufactured and shipped by Zazzle, guaranteed!

Statistics say no one is seeing these things in my store, which is why I am beginning daily product posts, with a special focus here on designs using Florida plants, Florida wildlife, and Florida's landscape. I like what's in my store better than what I see in Macy's! If only Martha would accidently love one of my Pins!

Articles and features on Florida plants, landscaping, and environmental issues I will continue to write where appropriate, throughout the website. Otherwise, it is time to fish or cut bait. I would like to try selling a Mangrove Crab Glass Cutting Board in lieu of displaying ads. Sounds like another winner idea, but that's the life of the independent Botanist.

Check Florida Home & Garden Fashions Review regularly as new products are created daily, and I have a passle of goodies ready to show and go, for quick room makeovers, parties, and gifts throughout the holiday season.




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