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Landscape Design: Utility Boxes  

from Plants Daily Post

Utility Box

October 13, 2008 Landscape Design Solutions

Why Glorify Utility Boxes?

On every street in today's new developments are those unlucky lots endowed with utility boxes. A natural compulsion to cover the intruder often results in creating an odd landscape feature of it rather than a pleasant camouflage behind which the neighborhood underpinnings may hide. Framing the box with a hedge is one sure way of highlighting the fixture, making the labels and numbers really pop, exactly contrary to the goal of screening. As the box is green to begin with, it would be less noticeable if sodded up to its pad around the sides and back, with a single ornamental shrub planted to screen the labels from the street, set far enough out from the box to allow access. It is more effective to have feature areas anywhere but around the box, directing the eye and mind to lovelier vistas, and the house itself.

Daily Post text by Leigh Fulghum

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