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Florida Environment: Incorporation of Sierra Club in Florida  

from Plants Daily Post Sierra Club founded 1892 

September 18, 2008
Florida Environmental Impacts

An Interesting Coincidence of the Florida East Coast Railroad and the Sierra Club

Sierra Club is said to have been founded 5/28/1892 by the Scottish American naturalist John Muir, in San Francisco, CA. According to the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations, the Florida East Coast Railway Company was incorporated exactly the same day. By the following year the Union Pacific Railroad was bankrupt, financial panic caused a depression, and the State Bank of Orlando was chartered. One hundred years later, Sierra Club, Inc. incorporated in Florida, 5/28/1982. On that same day, Crown Pacific Corporation filed in Indiana.

Union Pacific Railroad's history reads, "In 1991, Crown Pacific Corporation purchased Gilchrist Timber Company and the KNOR railroad. Due to lack of traffic, the KNOR ceased operation on July 19, 1991. Crown Pacific applied to Oregon PUC and the ICC to start operations again in 1994. In 2004, International Forest Products (Interfor) acquired the line and sawmill."

Many Scottish pensions and annuities were invested in the development schemes of the American railroads through Scottish financier Robert Fleming. Grandfather of British Naval Intelligence Officer and writer Ian Fleming, the investor was founder of the Scottish American Investment Trust, or the SAINT.

Daily Post text by Leigh Fulghum


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