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Shade Landscape Plants in Florida:  

'Red Sister'

from Plants Daily Post

9/15/2008 Shade Landscape Plants in Florida

Cordyline terminalis L. (Kunth) has a New Name

Once classified as belonging in the Agave family, Cordyline terminalis is now said to be in the lily family, and should be called Cordyline fruticosa (L.) A. Chev. instead. Most people find the name "Ti Plant" rolls easier off the tongue. The variety 'Red Sister' is one of the most widely planted in South Florida landcaping, hailed as a low-maintenance landscape plant by University of Florida. Homeowners will find it is low-maintenance in the sense it doesn't need shearing or shaping, but a stiff breeze will shred the leaves in an exposed location. It is also recommended by UF that 'Red Sister' be planted in full sun, however others are of the opinion that this highly pigmented plant looks better in light shade or a shadehouse.

Daily Post text and photos by Leigh Fulghum


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