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Florida Fruit Crops: Persimmons  

from Plants Daily Post

Fresh Persimmons for Shipping October 1,  2008 Florida Fruit

October Fresh Florida Persimmons

Another seasonal delicacy in Florida, like stone crabs and key limes, are luscious October persimmons from the native tree Diospyros virginiana. Fancy Plants Farms, a family-run operation in beautiful Lake Placid, Florida, ships persimmon flats from their groves this month only, though the rest of the year they make available possibly the only persimmon puree to be found, diced persimmon, persimmon cookie mix, and persimmon slices, for cobbler or ice cream, or both. "Diospyros" means "fruit of the gods," who are allowed to feast on anything, but when cookies, cobbler, and ice cream are off-menu, persimmons may be enjoyed daily purely for their marvelous health benefits. The persimmon has been entered into the ranks of heart-healthy foodstuffs, bursting with more fibre and antioxidants than apples. Recent studies indicate a persimmon daily may be useful in fighting atherosclerosis.

Daily Post text by Leigh Fulghum


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