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Landscape Maintenance in Florida: Pest Plants in Landscaping

IFAS fact sheet
FLEPPC pdf fact sheet

Florida's Brazilian Peppertree Management Plan second edition 2006
This is an 81-page booklet published by the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council describing the Brazilian Peppertree problem and a multi-faceted approach for its eradication.

Silver Buttonwood Invaded by Schinus

from Plants Daily Post

8/19/2008 Landscape Maintenance

Enabling Noxious Plants

Not infrequently Schinus terebinthifolius (Brazilian Pepper Tree or Florida Holly) along with various weeds, is seen around town fertilized, irrigated, and sheared right into the hedges. In the green-on -green case perhaps there is somewhat of an excuse. But Schinus in the Silver Buttonwood is cause for indignation. The fact is, the high costs for landscape laborers per hour do not include plant knowledge. Maintenance crew supervisors are almost always in their trucks on the phone, in a meeting, or picking up something at Home Depot. It has to be up to the property owner to detect their own plant problems and issue the maintenance directive, which may require hiring a professional consultant to define or analyze a landscape problems and what should comprise the maintenance program which then via the property owner can be delivered to the maintenance company for a bid.

August Images Posted 8/19/2008

The noxious plant, Brazilian Pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius) being maintained as part of a coastal landscape planting of Silver Buttonwood.

Brazilian Pepper in Silver Buttonwood Planting


Schinus in Silver Buttonwood Hedge

Plants Daily Post text and photos by Leigh Fulghum


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