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Landscape Design: Rainbarrels  

from Plants Daily Post Sierra Club founded 1892 

Landscaping Notes of the Day: Leave Time to Plan Well

It is best to not put off landscaping projects and improvements until a landscape emergency arises. An emergency could be a party, holiday, or guests arriving from out of town, owner of the property showing up to look things over (in a managed situation), citation from the neighborhood association or the City, or things just so out of hand as to be horrifying to the eye and sensibilities.

With too little time allowed to plan a renovation or new landscape, aside from the disadvantage of having to make snap decisions on contracts, plant lists, workers, and so forth, compromises may occur in the project since everybody and everything is on a different schedule, sometimes even the plants themselves.

Some neighborhoods requiring plan approval meet only once monthly to review plans. If a plan is rejected, another month may pass before it is reviewed again. It only takes one hyper-fussy board member or one who doesn't understand a plan to hold up the whole she-bang.

To work out design aspects, go through the approval process, and co-ordinate the right contractor, allow a generous 3-6 months before the deadline. This will waylay hasty pitfalls which can include contractor-induced changes to the plan due to some excuse or other based on lack of time or availability. In design, that is the Pandora's Box for throwing a plan off-course and losing control of the outcome.

Daily Post text by Leigh Fulghum

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