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Herb Gardening: Fertilizer  

from Plants Daily Post

 October 22, 2008 Herb Gardens

Herbs Alive!™ Fertilizer For vigorous herbs with lots of flavor!

It is not easy to find an off the shelf fertilizer formulated for the herb garden, where aromatic oils can be affected by the wrong product, diminishing tastiness and fragrance. Too much fertilizer will also result  in lush, weak growth susceptible to insects and disease. Somewhere in the realm between annuals and shrubs, which each have their own fertilizer plans, herbescent perennials are not to be pushed along with super nitros and phosphates, preferring a mix of things like aragonite, bone char, composted chicken manure, sodium nitrate, feather meal, greensand, peanut meal, sulfur, sulfate of potash, or just plain poultry litter if you have any. Many authorities state that in a well-structured soil, fertilizing perennial herbs is not necessary, though containerized herb gardens will have a higher requirement.

Daily Post text by Leigh Fulghum


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