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September 2016

Florida Home and Garden Fashions

Gardenstyle© botanical, floral, natural home and garden fashion is designed by
Leigh M. Fulghum, and manufactured and shipped by Zazzle, satisfaction guaranteed!


Flamingos Bath Set
Pink Flamingos Bath Set
by Gardenstyle , Soap Dispener and Toothbrush Holder


Lobster Season 48 Quart Duo Deco
Lobster Season 48 Quart Duo Deco
with measuring rule on lid by Gardenstyle

10/6/2016 The Pineapple in Florida

Pineapple is not a very friendly crop with its rigid whorl of painfully spiny leaves guarding the desired fruit beneath. Ironically, it is an ancient symbol of Welcome, as stone finials on the garden wall or, on today's modern door mats.

Pineapple was briefly an important crop in Florida on the scrub dunes in Palm Beach County, now a protected habitat, what was left to protect. The Yamato family found it grew well in that unusual ecosystem and white qurtzose soil, for it was never a significant product of the truck farming areas. Perhaps the Yamatos were the only farmers willing to deal with the pricks.

10/5/2016 The Pink Flamingo in Florida

Bank of America FlamingoPink flamingos are not native to Florida, but, more accurately, the American Flamingo, Phoenicopterus rube, became an icon of Florida tourism as well as the poster bird for the Florida Lottery. How do things like this come about?

Likely the first specimens came from Cuba, which is the closest natural range of the bird to Florida. Prior to the Great Depression, and during the Florida Land Boom, Cuba was the place to go! Gambling, cigars, rum, flamingos- paradise on earth.

When the Crash halted the Land Boom, certain industrialists and magnates found themselves with a lot of time on their hands as they brought production to a halt. They retreated to their Florida real estate, collected orchids from around the world, developed various tourist attractions and gardens, and stocked them with flamingos.

I found this 1960's Bank of America ad curious since Barnett Bank was at that time Florida's aggressively branching bank and did not merge with Bank of America until 1996. I cannot remember any Bank of Americas here in the olden days.

The first Florida Lottery tickets went on sale January 18, 1988. The anti-gambling league had lost their century long battle in Florida, and up pops the Pink Flamingo on the tickets for the Florida State Lottery.

On the other hand, Pink Flamingos never lost popularity on Florida Souvenirs, since the first boom of tourist attractions, and thus the Pink Flamingo has become fixed in the imagination as a symbol of Florida fun.

And so I have designed the Pink Flamingo Bath, a white shower curtain bordered with the loveliest Pink Flamingo applique, a matching plush bath mat, soap dispenser and toothbrush holder and Pink Famingo ceramic drawer and cabinet knobs and handles. This is a Florida paradise theme with many decorating applications, from a whimsical cabana bath to a Lottery winner's maid's room. It would be excellent for a seaside Bed and Bath or cottages.

Or, there are those who, wherever they are, simply love Pink Flamingos. So get an extra-classy Pink Flamingo Bath Set today- not found in regular stores anywhere!

Pink Flamingos Ceramic Drawer or Cabinet Knob Pink Flamingos Ceramic Drawer or Cabinet Knob
by Gardenstyle , drawer and cabinet pulls also available

10/3/2016 Florida Lobster Season

The species of Florida lobster harvested for commercial or recreational use is the Spiny Lobster, Panulirus argus. To protect the lobster population, commercial fishing, and to leave a few tails for the public to grab, wildlife officers are charged with vigorously enforcing Florida's policies on lobster harvesting.

First and foremost, citizens who want to bag a spiny lobster must have a recreational saltwater fishing license and a lobster permit. This is strictly enforced, so have your permit ready to show when you are lobster bagging. And bagging means harvesting lobster by putting them in a bag by hand. You are not allow to use traps or spear and damage the shells. (Though, why this is less painful than throwing them live into boiling water I do not know).

Regular Spiny Lobster Season runs Aug. 6 - March 31. The license bag limit is six critters per person per day. This does not mean only six lobsters may be in your cooler when you are headed home- when on the water, you may not be in possession of more than six lobsters. So don't hold a bucket of them with the idea of throwing some back...

The carapace must be larger than 3" or you have to put the lobster back in the water. Therefore, when on the water bagging, you must have your license and a measuring device.

So, for the receational lobster bagger I have created the ideal igloo cooler for six biggies. The tan stripe lid is embossed with a measuring rule on the margin. If you are with someone else who has a license, there is room for their six biggies too.

Three lobsters on the cooler front let the coast guard know which type of officers to dispatch for checking out your boat! So, be prepared and make life easy for our conservation peeps. Get a roomy, classy lobster igloo with a built in measuring device today!

For detailed information on how to measure lobsters and other rules of saltwater fishing, visit the official

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Lobster Rules Page .





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