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Welcome! Here is a variety of our Florida plant images and other plant-y artwork released to the public by the author, Leigh Fulghum, for your artistic use, educational use and enjoyment. This collection is only in some cases identified by a common use name.

Free Plant and Flower Images Contents

2009 Bromeliad Show
More Bromeliads
Florida Flowers
Colorful Foliage Plants
Florida Native Plants
Butterfly Plants
Plant and Flower Collages p.1 | p.2
Plant and Flower Memes

Cats and Roses Cats and Roses
Plants with Cat Victorian Cat with Plants and Flowers
Croton Leaves Woven Woven Croton Leaves
Lions and Tiger Lilies Lions and Tiger Lilies
Florida Swamp Frog Lotto Florida Swamp Frog Lotto
Hydrangea Hydrangea
Roses on a Fence Watercolor Roses on Fence
Victorian Ladies Grooving to Music Victorian Ladies Grooving to Music Home Page