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Information for Florida Nursery-Growers
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globe3314.gif (543 bytes)Collecting Water Samples at Container Nurseries
Procedures for sampling well water, runoff water, reservoirs or collection basins, or water from irrigation risers; by Tom Yeager, Professor, Department of Environmental Horticulture, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida.

Container Production of Palms  
IFAS circular by Alan W. Meerow, Palm and Tropical Ornamentals Specialist and associate professor, Department of Environmental Horticulture, Gainesville. Information for commercial production of palms for the interior foliage market.

Conversion for Pots/Soil
Link to botanical.com table indicating how many pots of various sizes can be filled per cubic foot of soil; metric conversions, liquid conversions, soil volume measurements.

Florida Greenhouse Design
University of Florida Cooperative Extension Bulletin by R.A. Bucklin to provide the facts necessary to good planning for greenhouse construction.

globe3314.gif (543 bytes)Efficiencies of Irrigation Systems Used in Florida Nurseries
How to determine irrigation efficieny, by D.Z. Haman, Associate Professor and A.G. Smajstrla, Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, Gainesville, FL; D.J. Pitts, Assistant Professor, Southwest Florida Research and Education Center, Immokalee, FL, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida.

globe3314.gif (543 bytes)Irrigation System Selection for Container Nurseries
Comparison of overhead and micro-irigation systems; by Dorota Z. Haman, associate professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department; Thomas H. Yeager, professor, Environmental Horticulture Department, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Florida.

globe3314.gif (543 bytes)Layout and Design Considerations for a Wholesale Container Nursery
By Thomas H. Yeager and Dewayne L. Ingram, Department of Environmental Hoticulture, University of Florida, Gainesville.

Rooting Hormones
Excerpt of Landscape Propagation Extension Circular by Dewayne L. Ingram explains rooting hormones and how they are used for plant propagation.

Use of Tissue Analyses in Woody Ornamental Nurseries
IFAS Fact Sheet by Thomas H. Yeager and Dewayne L. Ingram explains the importance of coordinating tissue analysis with media analysis for good decision making.

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