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Gardening and Landscaping with Florida Native Plants

Geiger TreeNative Trees

CocoplumNative Shrubs

Native Ground Cover

Wax Myrtle
Wax Myrtle in a native residential landscape, photo and design by Leigh Fulghum

Wax Myrtle, Myrica cerifera, looks best as a shrub or screening hedge when it is given room to mature. Many wax myrtle hedges have been planted in South Florida to achieve native plant requirements on landscape plans, but 30" on center is an incorrect spacing for the habit of the plant. This results in a scraggly planting, especially if the hedge is forced to maintain a height of 2'-3'. The Wax Myrtle screening hedge in the above photo was planted on 6' centers to allow for a more natural maturity of about 6' wide and 8' high.


Establishment of Native Wildflower Plantings by Seed
Jeffrey G. Norcini and James H. Aldrich. Recommendations for successful roadside wildflower plantings; images, tables.

Florida Native Gardening
Information on Florida native plants useful in the garden, and which species of wildlife they attract.

Native Landscape Plants for South Florida
Jody Haynes, John McLaughlin and Laura Vasquez present 135 native plant species considered desirable for use in South Florida landscaping.

Native Trees for North Florida
Extension paper by Alan W. Meerow and Jeffrey G. Norcini provides a plants list and characteristics of desirable North Florida native trees.

Native Trees for South Florida
A.W. Meerow, H.M. Donselman, and T.K. Broschat
present the arguments which have been used for and against more extensive use of native trees in South Florida landscaping.

Seed Production of Blanketflower
Jeffrey G. Norcini. Methods to select Florida ecotypes of Gaillardia which will theoretically fare better in Florida plantings.

II. Books

Florida's Best Native Landscape Plants: 200 Readily Available Species for Homeowners and Professionals by Gil Nelson

Florida's Best Native Landscape Plants is an illustrated guide for landscape designers, home gardeners, and restoration professionals. Published in cooperation with the Association of Florida Native Plant Nurseries and the Florida Department of Transportation, it provides technical information on the design and maintenance of native plants that are readily available from the state's native plant nurseries for use in Florida gardening and landscaping.




flwild1.JPG (9515 bytes)Landscaping for Florida's Wildlife
Re-creating Native Ecosystems in Your Yard, by Joe Schaefer and George Tanner

As the natural landscape becomes more humanized, the habitat for many wildlife species has been lost or degraded. In a clear, step-by-step format, this book tells how to create a wildlife-friendly landscape that takes into account both people and nature.

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