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Restoring McKee Botanical Garden  Vero Beach, Florida     By Leigh Fulghum

Parrots at McKee  

Bathing Beauties, Parrots,
and Flamingoes

The Jungle Gardens at their height were the state's most visited and lucrative tourist attraction. It is likely that the winning formula of Sexton and McKee popularized the genre of bathing beauties, parrots, and flamingoes which dominated the theme and atmosphere of Florida's early tourist industry.

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Flamingoes at McKee

The restored Garden will have a new focus on educational programs and activities, Florida's heritage, Florida's native plant life, and a well-chosen palette of cultivated plants particularly adapted to Florida's Zone 9. Flamingoes and parrots are not under consideration, and ladies of the garden will in the next day and age maintain a more official presence attired as knowledgeable docents.

Inside the Jungle Now


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