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Restoring McKee Botanical Garden  Vero Beach, Florida     By Leigh Fulghum

The Hall of Giants

The Hall of GiantsSexton's architectural vision for Florida was not only "of the hill," or more accurately, "of the dune," it  suggested that life for a gentleman in those early Florida days was not unlike that of Robinson Crusoe. He built his homestead, an inn, the Hall of Giants, and the Spanish Kitchen of driftwood, heart-of-the-pine, stained glass, limestone, wrought iron, odd chunks of architectural and other beach salvage, and unmatching many-shaped colored tiles. Inside the Hall of Giants,  the society of McKee and Sexton downed many a round, round a mahogany table made of the largest single plank of mahogany in the world.

Though it is not known whether the original table will be re-acquired for the new Hall of Giants, one thing is certain, the plank will never return to the tree.

Heart-of-the-Pine Stairs Stairway
The wood being used to rebuild the Hall of Giants is heart-of-the-pine from a supply still remaining at the Sexton ranch. Not a typical modern Florida building project, McKee Botanical Garden has carpenters from the north with experience in historical and rustic building working on the Hall's refurbishment.

The Spanish Kitchen


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