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Grottoed Entryway with Small Natural Water Features
Limestone Waterfall with Pond and Small Waterfall
Tuscan Wall Fountain
Tiered Sandstone Fountain
Residential Landscaping
Hollywood, Florida Residence

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Assorted Landscape Plans

As a note, each landscape plan ultimately has its own particular set of goals and constraints. Here are some of my conceptual plans I have used for addressing a variety of design requirements, from makeovers on a shoestring to yards in a marsh. Whereas I have preferences based on what I have learned scientifically and know from experience to be best in any situation, we all enjoy differently, and I will not have succeeded as a designer if I leave a client feeling as though they did not get what they like best. I have found a complete challenge in residential landscape design in South Florida- to be make people's garden dreams come true with the shapes, colors and textures of plants which visually get the job done for desired style and effect, but will also survive the site conditions, the climate, the installation budget, and the long range maintenance program.

Conceptual Landscape Plans

Patio Water Feature

Patio addition with water feature

Patio Water Feature 2

Patio addition with water feature alternate

Asian Walkways

Asian Walkway Design

Native Lanscaping for Wet Site

Native Plant Plan for a Wet Site

Flower Lovers Landscape Plan

Flower Lovers Landscape Plan

Salt-tolerant Xeriscape

Salt-tolerant Xeriscape Plan

Pond with Two Waterfalls Plan

Pond with Two Waterfalls

Herb Garden

Culinary Herb Garden

Grottoed Entry with Water Features

Grottoed Entry with Water Features

Renovate Fish Pnnd

Flowers and Fish Pond Courtyard Plan
An Interesting Entry

A New Driveway Entry Plan for an Awkward Existing Driveway

Plan to Screen Pool from Main Road

Plan to Screen Pool from Main Road