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T4 Fluorescent Light Tableicon

from Plants Daily Post

8/21/2008 House Plants

An Attractive Functional Plant Growing Tableicon

A deterrent to gardening indoors sometimes is coping with the presence of added cleaning tasks due to the presence of soil and watering mishaps.Yet one good window and a well designed slatted table outfitted with full spectrum fluorescent light tubes can provide a regular harvest of fresh culinary herbs, cherry tomatoes, or a display of collector or blooming plants. A growing table indoors should be neutral enough to not compete with the garden it supports or with the room furnishings. Considering the supermarket price of the non-poisonous organic foods, or even the price of a bunch of fresh mint, it is possible that growing more of these products for ourselves will prove to be a resourceful way of ensuring the quality and freshness of those specialty ingredients which provide superior nutrition and flavoring in our recipes

iconicon8/09/2008 Plant Maintenance

Office Plants Gather at the Water Fountain

The question of, "how much water?" can never adequately be answered except by the person who is asking usually. Amount of water can only be reduced to a formula based on the specific location of the plant, the species, the container size, amount of light received, planting mix, ambient temperature, transpiration rate and so forth. With that, the primary caretaker must determine for themself how much water a particular plant requires, usually without the scientific formula. Simple visual inspection of a plant in situ on a daily basis is the best way to determine what its watering regimen should be.

Assigning care of a plant collection to a friend, neighbor, family member or household employee other than a gardener may become a source of regret. iconiconAutomatic watering systems for multiple pots and large container plants can help overcome one of the Achilles heels in maintaining verdant interior, patio or balcony plants- periods when there is no one to water.

Smart Home offers battery and electrically operated larger capacity automatic waterers up to 25 -liter. The 14 Plant Watering System icon has a 7-liter capacity system which can be used with small potted plants or with multiple tubes in large containers. Again the number of tubes per pot will require test trials, particularly if plants will be moved to a storage area other than their customary growing location.




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