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Trees Used for Large Interior Plants: plant notes by Leigh Fulghum, Landscape designer

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Interior Tree Nursery

INTERIOR TREE NURSERY REVIEW by Leigh Fulghum, botanist and landscape designer

In the course of my career I have wandered through countless plant nurseries and growing operations, from Homestead to Palm Beach, searching for just the right plant material to make my designs everything I plan them to be.
My quest has taken me through miles of mucky tree fields, back yard enterprises, greenhouses, shadehouses, and garden centers- in short, I have eyeballed about every level of nursery production, and experienced the approaches of many a nursery owner to delivering quality materials to the marketplace. Not all nurseries and nursery owners are the same!

A Nu Leaf Nursery in west Delray Beach, Florida has shadehouses brimming with just what they advertise- Picture Perfect Palms. I instantly recognize a high-quality operation by the organization and cleanliness of plant containers, as well as the foliage color, quality and healthy development of all the crops being offered. Here I can almost tag the trees I want blindfolded- one is as perfect as the next. Those of you who are dressed up in office shoes hardly have to walk more than five feet into these pristine shadehouses and point to what you want to put together a breathtaking interiorscape.

This is most handy for we local landscape designers, but even better for interiorscapers and decorators across the country who want to order and receive a spectacular truck load of tropical interior foliage, sight unseen.

Nevertheless, the days have come when we can tag the exact tree we are ordering from miles away using the internet. So when large specimen tropical plants are needed for interior design, pick up the phone and call A Nu Leaf.

A Nu Leaf delivers and is certified for Arizona and Europe.

Make your job pop with Picture Perfect Palms and grade Florida Fancy tropical foliage. These are plants which will impress, from a reliable first-class grower. Call today!


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