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Care of Plants in the Home
Extension publication by Robert J. Black and Richard W. Henley discusses details of growing plants indoors and propagation of popular houseplants.

House Plants
An excerpt from the Texas Master Gardener Handbook, compiled at Texas A&M University by Douglas F. Welsh, and Samuel D. Cotner

House Plants -- Proper Care and Problem Solving
By Cynthia L. Ash, Diagnostician, for the North Dakota State Cooperative Extension.

Indoor Air Quality in Florida: Houseplants to Fight Pollution
IFAS Fact Sheet based on NASA experiments.

Interior Plantscaping with Large Houseplants
Fact Sheet with information on low-light plants by Ronald C. Smith, North Dakota State University.

House Plants That Will Grow in Water
Aggie-Horticulture list of plants.

Toxicity of Common Houseplants
University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension publication.

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