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Grottoed Entryway with Small Natural Water Features
Limestone Waterfall with Pond and Small Waterfall
Tuscan Wall Fountain

Tiered Sandstone Fountain
Residential Landscaping
>Hollywood Florida Residence

I have been working on this residence on North South Lake for about twelve years as the property underwent extensive remodeling.

Bush Roses, Crotons, Landscape Begonias planted beneath a palm grove of Veitchia

Purple 'Queen Emma Crinum Lilies' with Carpentaria Palms, Ilex vomitoria 'Schilings' and Mondo Grass

Tiered Fountain from My Online Designer's Home and Garden Catalog

The fountain is plumbed to run continuously into an underground reservoir.
Aquatic plants originally formed a nice planting around the fountain base, but the pool man put pool chemicals in the fountain,
killing them all.

Driveway edged with 'Martha Gonzalez' bush roses, Ilex, and Rain Lilies. The builder's paver driveway was badly installed. After much ado
the owners agreed to have a permeable drive made of gravel. This involved a day long trip to Palm Beach where the best gravel
driveways are made, to photograph and make notes on construction aspects. With the immense size of the the residence, the gravel front
greatly softened the front landscape.

Morgan Scroll Urn Fountain from My Online Designer's Home and Garden Catalog

Windsor Urn from My Online Designer's Home and Garden Catalog

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