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Design for a Florida Culinary Herb Garden
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Inside Measurement: 4' x 6'
Outside Measurement with 12"Square Stepping Stones: 6' x 8'
Plant List
12ChivesEdging 2 corners; 6"apart
10SageEdging 2 corners; 6"apart
10 Green BasilStaggered spacing; 10" apart
8Purple Basil Staggered spacing; 10" apart
4Italian Parsley Staggered spacing;12" apart
3OreganoTriangle spacing; 10" apart
3MarjoramTriangle spacing; 10" apart
2DillAs shown

Materials List
2512" Sq.StepsNeutral concrete; Tumbled marble; natural flagstones
8'Edging to retain gravelMetal or "Hortiscape" edging
2+Bags Gravel Chattahoochee, Pea rock, 1/4"-1/2" river rock
1Accent/focal pieceTerracotta Pot with Rosemary; Sundial; Sculpture


Innovative herb varieties from Park Seed Co.


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