Fruit & Spice Park Chris Rollins, Park Manager/Naturalist
Chris Rollins has played a key role in introducing growers and the public to tropical plants new to the United States. He provides germplasm for nurseries, farms, and backyard growers as under his direction the Park's active exchange program has introduced plants from Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Botanists, students, growers, gourmets and restaurateurs from all over the country enjoy "fruit safaris" led by Chris. These enthusiasts explore the markets, farms, and jungles of Southeast Asia and Central America, to collect fruit, plant specimens, and to enjoy cultural exchange.

"Current interest in tropical fruits is overwhelming," says Chris.

"Scores of ethnic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices can be found in local markets, gourmet shops, health food stores, and restaurants. We're rapidly developing a more diverse diet where exotic fruits and vegetables are being mainstreamed into our daily menus. The Fruit & Spice Park, however, is the only place to see and taste these tropical treats fresh from the garden."



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