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>The Everglades National Park

The United States Code, as of 16 January 1996.: 16 USC Sec. 410r-5 (01/16/96)- Everglades National Park

Prelude: Can the Everglades Survive? National Park Service report.

The Birth of Everglades National Park
Article published by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

Doing Right by the Bay
Philadelphia Inquirer
article by Fen Montaigne.

The Everglades Ecosystem/Everglades National Park
Site of the National Park Service edited by Kevin L. Bacher.

Everglades National Park
World Heritage List description.

Everglades National Park Homepage
Official Home Page of the Park.

Florida Bay News
An important publication of the National Park Service.

Florida Photo Set
University of Florida photo set includes mangroves, pinelands and various plant and animal species of Everglades National Park and the everglades ecosystem.

Florida Plants Online