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APHIS Environmental Manual Basic NEPA info; Environmental Statutes.

Conservation Ecology
Peer-reviewed online journal published by the Ecological Society of America with topics covering the conservation of ecosystems, landscapes, species, populations, and genetic diversity; the restoration of ecosystems and habitats; and the management of resources.

Ecological Subregions of the United States
Table of Contents. UDSA Forest Service publications providing descriptions of geomorphology, lithography, stratigraphy, soil taxa, potential natural vegetation, climate, surface water, disturbance regimes, land use, and cultural ecology of ecological subregions of the United States.

Environmental Assessment and Integrated Pest Managemnt Plan
IPM implementation in a refuge.

Florida Association of Environmental Professionals
Whose mission is "
To Further the Quality of the Practice of the Environmental Professional in the State of Florida. " Resources Page

Florida Center for Environmental Studies, (Water Dominated Ecosystems)
"The Florida Center for Environmental Studies represents the ten state universities and
three major private universities. The center acts as a facilitator and co-ordinator of
research and training related to the environment and as a locus for environmental
information." Located in North Palm Beach, FL.

National Parks Service Integrated Pest Management Manual National Park Service IPM Manual which provides descriptions of the biology and management of 21 species or categories of pests.

Welcome To Envirofacts-EPA
Warehouse of EPA data.

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