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Special Report on the Activities of the Broward County Department of Natural Resources Protection: Wetlands Resources Division
Keeping tabs on the county agency we pay to protect our wetlands.

Exotic Species in Florida- Australian Pine
Report for  "Issues in Ecology and Environment in Florida" by Larissa Harris, Florida Gulf Coast University , Ft. Myers, Florida.

Floridians' Knowledge, Opinions and Attitudes Toward Panther Habitat and Panther-Related Issues
Executive summary of a study conducted for the Florida Advisory Council on Environmental Education. Link updated 3/99.

Marine Resources Council of East Florida-MRC
For the last 15 years, MRC has been concerned with environmental issues of the Indian River Lagoon, comprised of an organized Board and Staff supported by volunteers and memberships.

Palm in peril. (Sabal palm trees) From: American Forests | Date: 1/1/1994 | Author: Carrino, William; changes in salinity linked to die outs of Sabal palmetto in Levy Countyand elsewhere.

Southwest Florida Red Tide Update
Local conditions on the southwest Florida coast as reported by the Mote Aquarium marine lab.

USGS Programs in Florida
Description of various programs.

USGS South Florida Ecosystem Web Site
How USGS is gathering data for baseline studies; description of the USGS Ecosystem Program.

Water Quality From Florida Rangelands
Abstract, methods, and discussion by Jeff Mullahey and John Capece." Shallow wells from rangelands on a south Florida flatwoods soil were sampled between 1993 and
1995 to monitor water quality parameters (N and P)."

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