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The goal of the Landscape Plan was to completely screen the newly installed pool from a bordering a main road and pedestrian thoroughfare. For this 6' Chinese fan palms were used for instant coverage, placed so that the leaves just touch. This dwarf palm grows slowly, yet eventually when the trunks gain 3'-4' there will be room beneath the palms to start another medium height shrub planting.

The owners wanted some sod area for the family pup and accent areas to place potted plants and a chiminea. This was achieved with graveled spaces in the design.

Coconut palms were used in the wider planting area, for providing a requested tropical paradise feel along with needed shade as the sun goes overhead throughout the day.

A very narrow planting area left at one end of the new deck was planted with Alexander palms which are narrow but clumping, and Simpson stopper, both to screen the two story residence next door. The stoppers can be maintained tall and narrow so as not to infringe on the limited deck space where it becomes narrowest.

Around the corner from the view of the pool area another gravel area was created to store the BBQ, bordered with a surface of grey concrete pavers set in sand, to provide a good surface for moving the BBQ unit in and out of use.

Finally, palms and focal areas in the landscape were accented with uplighting for nightime drama.

New pool landscaping to screen road

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