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50 Comon Native Plants Important In Florida's Ethnobotanical History Ginger M. Allen, Michael D. Bond, and Martin B. Main http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/UW152; Illustrated article about practical uses of Florida native plants.

Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants
by Richard P.Wunderlin and Bruce F. Hansen, USF Institute of Systematic Botany, and Edwin L. Bridges, Fairchild Tropical Garden, 1995. Online Version. View county distribution maps of Florida's more than 4,000 plant species. Maps are arranged alphabetically by family, genus, and species. An enhanced version of the Atlas is available on fully searchable, multi-platform CD-ROM, which includes information on endangered species, native status, wetland species, and synonymy.

Description and Natural History of the Periwinkle
Page in Cyberbotanica Plants and Cancer Treatment section; photos of Catharanthus roseus and Vinca minor. Alkaloids are described on the page "Pharmacology of Vinblastine, Vincristine, Vindesine, Vinorelbine."

Exotic Species in Florida- Australian Pine
Student Report for  "Issues in Ecology and Environment in Florida" by Larissa Harris, Florida Gulf Coast University , Ft. Myers, Florida.

Hurricane Andrew & Upland Forest Succession in Biscayne National Park
Report to the U. S. National Park Service by M. S. Ross, G. Telesnicki, P. L. Ruiz, and L. J. Flynn, March 10, 1998, Southeast Environmental Research Program, Florida International University, Miami.

Is This Poison Ivy?
An exercise in Florida neighborhood taxonomy by Leigh Fulghum.

Melaleuca quinquenervia
Fact sheet published by the Plant Conservation Alliance, Alien Plant Working Group.

Nonindigenous Aquatic and Selected Terrestrial Species of Florida
IFAS publication Published on the Internet, March 1996, by the University of Florida, Center for Aquatic Plants and James A. McCann, Lori N. Arkin, and James D. Williams, National Biological Service, Southeastern Biological Science Center, Gainesville.

Oxyops vitiosa
The melaleuca weevil that's eating south Florida; fact sheet from Cornell University Biological Control website, Weeden, Shelton, and Hoffman, editors.

South Florida Seagrass Ecosystems Home Page
The biology and ecology of seagrasses, seagrass research at Florida International University, reports and results of seagrass ecosystem monitoring in south Florida, links, manuscripts that are in press or submitted for publication, and student projects at FIU.

Spanish-California Plant Names Quiz
Old Spanish common names and English names of plants used today, published by the California Native Plant Society, Milo Baker Chapter.

University of Florida Herbarium Digital Imaging Project
Scanned actual herbarium sheets catalog includes native and non-native plants of Florida.

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