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Asian walkway deign

Asian Walkway Design

This residence had an existing interlocking brick drive and walk which would not be changed at this time.

After remodeling the owners desired an Asian inspired landscape.

The previous back garden had no pet friendly grass, a requirement in the new design. It was covered with 30" and 18" keystone patio squares much too attractive to waste.

These were arranged and reset to connect the entire property with a footpath which also serves as edging for the landscape, lawn and garden areas.

A small section of patio is sufficient for two lawn chairs and catching the afternoon sun, screened with rustling bamboo and small tropical garden plants. The sitting garden overlooks a planting of culinary which edges an enclosed porch.

An open planter area along the entry was covered with small brown river rock and a few sparse plantings, using an existing 80 year old live oak as the focus. The Carport is screened from the walk with thick Chamaedorea palms, mulched with brown river rock (Chattahoochee).


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