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Mildly Entertaining ARTICLES and Work by Leigh Fulghum

Ficus, the "F" Hedge

Dear Mr. Disney Letters to Walt Disney about the present state of things.

Sheridan Street Natural Area Addition: just what sort of a "Green Space" are we talking about here?

Big Sugar, Big Soy, Big Oil The lost history of Florida's environmentally disturbed past as well as two gigantic missing real estate fortunes lies buried in Allen County (Indiana) Plats and Highlands County (Florida) orange groves.

Culinary Herb Garden Plan Cut a rectangle in your pavers and grow a few fragrant culinary herbs!

I Love Dish Gardens Covers the basic kinds of dish gardens and the plants used for making them.

Building Marshes of Chemical Concern We may as well consider Clorox™ for everglades cleaning projects.

Ending Croton Prejudice Why let past mistakes and indiscrimination limit your chances for color in the landscape?

Is This Poison Ivy? Learn how to identify one of nature's most dreaded plants.

Landscape Challenge on the Middle River Bigger houses, smaller lots, urban run-off and drought conditions call for much more than hastily rendered landscape plans.

Landscaping in Hollywood Florida Between the lawn men and the sprinkler guy, it seems like I'll never finish the backyard of JJ's dreamhouse.

Patio Garden in Weston, Florida A healing Aloe garden created for physicians.

Need for a Plan to Manage Deep Fork Archaeological Site Weston, Florida Residents of Arvida developments in the Florida everglades are hiring experts to re-think tree planting strategies before the next hurricane.

Restoring McKee Botanical Garden Vero Beach nostalgia works to put the jungle back in the jungle that was once home to a number of colorful activities.

Share Your Corner of the World The birds and bees will thank you for this landscape plan designed for a fairly typical South Florida lot.

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