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American Farmland Trust
Conservation organization concerned with preservation of rural and agricultural lands.

APHIS Home Page
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service- USDA agricultural industry protection arm whose mission is to provide "leadership in ensuring the health and care of animals and plants, improving agricultural productivity and competitiveness, and contributing to the national economy and the public health." Website provides hyper-linked important news features and links to information concerning U.S. pest exclusion, animal and plant health, wildlife welfare, Ag-Biotech and Ag-Trade.

Florida Organic Growers and Consumers
Read "The Top Ten Reasons to Buy Organic," and see what's happening in Southern Sustainable Agriculture. Above all, Don't Panic!

USDA Home Page
Don't run the farm without it!

Florida Organic Growers and Consumers

Florida Organic Growers and Consumers (FOG)


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