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Topiary Systems and Ironworks

Construct your own sensational topiaries with these easy to use topiary systems Made in the U.S.A.! Prices shown include regular ground shipping and handling charges.

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The Mini-System is the ideal size to create wonderful displays for small spaces or tabletop centerpieces. Use indoors or out.


7" diameter x 22" high

Pre-formed moss liner included; Pot not included

QTY $32.00 includes shipping

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Here's how they work...

The wire grid slides onto the pole to a point of stability in various size pots. The wire grid can be used as a shelf for 6" florals. Grids come in 10", 12", 14", and 16" diameters.

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The Wire Basket System is constructed of 10-gauge electro-coated wire which nut-locks onto a metal pole of the same fabrication.

Wire Basket System
Preformed moss liner included with system;
Pot not included

QTY 10" diameter $44.00 includes shipping

QTY 12" diameter $46.00 includes shipping
QTY 14" diameter $52.00 includes shipping
QTY 16" diameter $56.00 includes shipping


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Forged iron Medieval Bowls with ring handles hold fruit, nuts, or plants! Non-rust natural metal finish.

Medieval Bowls

QTY 8" Bowl $32.00 includes shipping

QTY 10" Bowl $35.00 includes shipping


QTY 12" Bowl $45.00 includes shipping

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For a graceful topiary variation, Tiered Hanging Baskets make a beautiful display cascading from eaves or decks.

Tiered Hanging Basket

QTY Single Tier 12" diameter $27.00 includes shipping

QTY Two Tier 10", 12" $38.00 includes shipping

QTY Three Tier 10", 12", 14" $45.00 includes shipping

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The scrolled frame of these Plant Stands is unique. Handcrafted iron holds 6", 8", 10", or 10" pots.

Plant Stands

QTY 6" $22.00 includes shipping

QTY 8" $31.00 includes shipping

QTY 10" $41.00 includes shipping


12" $51.00 includes shipping


  cradle.JPG (17926 bytes)

Hand-wrought in a scrollwork design, Garden Cradles may be used for planting outdoors, for indoor plant stands or centerpieces.

Garden Cradle

QTY 18" $37.00 includes shipping


QTY 24" $69.00 includes shipping


QTY 30" $79.00 includes shipping


QTY 36" $91.00 includes shipping

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Heart Carts used as garden statuary or for floral displays are perfect as small garden centerpieces. Natural non-rust finish. Wheels actually turn.

Heart Cart

17"L x 11 1/4"W x 14"H

QTY $74.00 includes shipping

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