Messenger Bags

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beautiful and unique messenger bags in large and small sizes stylishly hold everything you need for a weekend or a day- and are made with coordinatng wristlets, accessory bags, and luggage tags. Some designs have matching cell phone and I-phone cases and other accessories, where linked.


>p.1 Widstyle Large Messenger Bag; Red Hibiscus Large Messenger Bag; Red Hibiscus Clip On Accessory Bag; Butterflies Large Messenger Bag; Butterflies Mini-Messenger Bag; Butterflies Clip On Accessory Bag; Roses Messenger Bags; Passion Flower Large Messenger Bag; Passion Flower Clip On Accessory Bag; Passion Flower Luggage Tag; Ballerina Roses Large Messenger Bag; Ballerina Roses Clip On Accessory Bag; Ballerina Roses Luggage Tag



Interior Home Decor Is Designed by Leigh Fulghum and Manufactured and Shipped by Zazzle! Bulk orders and fast shipping no problem. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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