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Decorative Fencing and Gates p. 2
Gates and fence sections made of hand-forged wrought iron
, powder coated black finish. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

p1 Small Fencing
>>p2 Fencing and Gates

Wrought Iron Fence and gate

Country Cottage Gate GG05 Complete with posts

(shown with a pair of Country Cottage Fence Sections GG05).

36" w X 39" h; (40" outside measurement including posts)

$375.00 includes shipping


Country Cottage Fence  GF05

shipped as (2) pack only

34"W x 36"H; side posts 12" longer than fence for cementing in ground";

48 lbs. ship weight for (1) pair

$320.00/pair includes shipping

2 Pack QTY

Decorative Fencing and Gates p. 2
p1 Small Edging Fencing
>>p2 Fencing and Gates

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