Coffee Mugs: Floral and Botanical

Garden Landscape Catalog


Unique Ceramic Coffee Mugs by Gardenstyle

Gardenstyle unique tableware designs are created to harmonize with natural themes many originating from meticulously restored antique botanical and natural history illustration.

>p1|Sunflowers, Passion Flowers, Van Gogh Irises, Orange Dahlias, Old Rose Catalog, Pink Seashells, Blue Water Lilies, Starfish and Crabs, Pink Hibiscus, Blue with Seashells

p2|Pink Old Roses, Redoute Rose Red Purple Peonies, Nasturtiums, Rose Red Black Handle, Willow Leaves, Floral Botanical, Dogwood Petal Design, Purple Irises, Sweet Peas

p3|Magnolia Botanical, Marsh Pinks, Arundina Purple Orchids, Gloriosa Lilies, Lily-of-the-Valley 1894 Seed Catalog, White Camellias, Butterfly Watercolors, Yellow Dahlias, Ferns of Great Britain, Willow Leaves Stripes


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