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Mangroves Unlimited Need Mangroves? Get ours!
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Dried Seagrape for sale- Bulk Available

30" High Hydroponically grown Red Mangroves now available
Easy to transport. Excellent plants. Call for details.

Red Mangroves

Don't let your project become a wash-out!

We have Rhizophora mangle,
Red Mangrove Clumps, harvested with approximately 5 plants per clump.

These beautiful saplings have been grown in a flow-through brackish water pond.

Shown at left is a created mangrove planter in Broward County, Florida, as part of an environmental mitigation following new seawall construction.

This planter is in a heavily trafficked section of Intracoastal Waterway with continuous wakes and wave activity. But the mangroves aren't going anywhere! Staked with rebar driven through cement blocks below the soil surface, these sturdy plants are well-anchored and will attach themselves to the anchoring blocks and eventually onto the retaining boulders.

So complete your mitigaton requirement without delay-

Create a mangrove planter today!

Take a look at this beautiful Intracoastal planting of red mangrove in a constructed planter using clumps of 5 trees per clump:

Red Mangrove

Consulting and project monitoring service available.

Red Mangrove Seeds available Fall 2019
White Mangrove Seeds available Fall 2019

Please order now


Now Available! 24" h Red Mangrove (hydroponic-brackish)

Grow Your Own, from Mangrove Seeds

Red mangroves make an attractive potted plant too. They do not have to be grown in water.

Teachers! Grow some mangroves in jars in your classroom as part of a nature study unit. You can arrange to later plant them in any number of coastal parks and preserves, for a great field trip, ecology lesson, and contribution to the environment.

Mangrove Seed Prices 2020


Telephone: (954) 922-2066

Price includes shipping in Continental USA
(Additional shipping required for Caribbean, Alaska and Hawaii)

Rhizophora mangle Red Mangrove Seeds and Seedlings Laguncularia racemosa White Mangrove Seeds

Avicennia germinans
Black Mangrove Seeds

7 seedlings $40.00
7 Red seedlings

QTY @ $40.00
includes shipping

25 seeds $40.00
25 Red Seeds

QTY @ $40.00
includes shipping

25 seeds $40.00
25 White Seeds

QTY @ $40.00
includes shipping

25 seeds $40.00
25 Black Seeds

QTY @ $40.00
includes shipping

25 seedlings $120.00
25 Red Seedlings

QTY @ $120.00
includes shipping

100 seeds $120.00
100 Red Seeds

QTY @ $120.00
includes shipping

100 seeds $120.00
100 White Seeds

QTY @ $120.00
includes shipping

100 seeds $120.00
100 Black Seeds

QTY @ $120.00
includes shipping

100 seedlings $575.00
100 Red Seedlings

QTY @ $575.00
includes shipping

500 seeds $575.00
500 Red Seeds

QTY @ $575.00
includes shipping

500 seeds $575.00
500 White Seeds

QTY @ $575.00
includes shipping

500 seeds $575.00
500 Black Seeds

QTY @ $575.00
includes shipping

Mangroves UnlimitedThe Red Mangrove utilizes an internal salt pump to exclude salt ions. This is the means by which the plant survives the saline environment. The "pump" is a cellular process whereby the element magnesium (Mg) is taken into the plant's cells, forcing out sodium (Na) ions. Therefore, growing Red Mangrove in a closed system such as an aquarium requires close monitoring of the magnesium balance as the plants will remove not only the nitrogen wastes in the water, but magnesium as well. When magnesium is depleted in a tank, the plants will turn yellow or exhibit other signs of salt stress, including shrivelling.

Red Mangroves also grow beautifully in fresh water- try some in a vase of water on the windowsill!

Also, remember, there's no need to fertilize these plants when growing them in a closed sytem. They get along fine on bacterial waste products in the water, and adding nutrients to a tank defeats the purpose of having them there to remove nutrients.

Mangrove seeds may be grown in fresh, brackish, or marine environment. Remember that they like a good amount of light. When they are ready, transfer to your tank.

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Red Mangrove seedlings and propagules for sale

Mangroves Unlimited


Red Mangrove seedlings and propagules for sale

Rhizophora mangle

For more info about mangroves,
Check out our Mangrove Links

(954) 922-2066

Dried Seagrape for sale
Bulk Available

We specialize in Red American Mangrove for coastal planting. Plants are grown from seed collected in Florida East Coast waters. Contract growing, contract planting, monitoring, and arborist service is also available.

Red Mangrove is a tropical plant and is damaged at sustained temperatures below 45 degrees F. We cannot ship where plants will be exposed to these temperatures for prolonged periods before delivery, so order before winter sets in!


Shipment outside the U.S. requires purchase of a phytosanitary certificate ($40.80). We obtain the Certificate and required inspection for you, but the buyer must pay the cost of the certificate and whatever fees may be required for walking plants through Customs.


$19.00 shipping

Now included with purchase.


Seeds will ship by USPS Priority Mail (included).Winter shipping for seeds will require USPS Overnight Mail .


If your overnight temperatures are 40 or lower, you need to include Winter shipping