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Melaleuca quinquenervia (Cavanilles)   S.T. Blake
Cajeput Tree, Punk-Tree, Bottlebrush Tree
Myrtaceae: Myrtle Family

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Elliptic- lanceolate subsessile leaves; white flowers in many-flowered spikes, stamens united.

Florida Distribution Map
Description Trees with whitish,  soft papery bark
Native: No
Habitat: Wetlands and uplands;  swamps, marshes, fallow land, neighborhoods
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Aussie Weevil Opens Attack on Rampant Melaleuca
Australian Plants as Weeds
Ecological Consequences of Invasion by Melaleuca quinquenervia in South Florida Wetlands
Frank J. Mazzotti, Ted D. Center, F. Allen Dray, and Dan Thayer
Everglades Plant Diversity
F. ALLEN DRAY, Jr.- Specialist in  Ecology and Biological Control of Aquatic and Wetland Weeds USDA-ARS Aquatic Plant Control Laboratory
Federal Noxious Weed List
Map of estimated distribution of Melaleuca quinquenervia on the island of Molokai (Hawaii, U.S.A.)

Non-native Species in Everglades National Park
Oxyops vitiosa- Melaleuca Weevil
Plant Invaders
Society for Ecological Restoration '95 Abstracts - Control of Exotics
The war on exotic aquatic weeds in Florida- Abstract

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Florida distribution maps: Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants   (http://www.plantatlas.usf.edu/). Wunderlin, R. P. and B. F. Hansen. 2000. [S. M. Landry and K. N. Campbell (application development), Florida Center for Community Design and Research.] Institute for Systematic Botany, University of South Florida, Tampa.
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